Monday, January 30, 2017


Well, politics and polytope both start with pol, right? Anyway, my poster for the upcoming March for Science ( is "Trump = Disease / Science = Cure". This is a 2^2, one-to-one, 2d-sub-simplex. It brings to mind an interesting way to think about affine spaces. They are collections of one-to-one mappings on equal-sized subsets of regions. In other words, each boundary is a one-to-one mapping between the regions attached to it on one side, and the regions attached in the other side. The universe has many more regions than just those attached to a particular boundary. Wrt Trump's ban on people from countries that Trump does not currently have business interests in, I believe it, in addition to other attacks on democracy, will reduce terorism against the US.  In general, anything undemocratic, such as gag orders, and appointment of corrupt oligarchs to cabinet positions, decreases the threat of terorism, because it is not authoritarianism that scares terrorists; democracy scares terrorists. But let's face it, corruption in the White House is a much bigger threat than terrorism. Much more people will die from global warming than from terrorism. Trump's priorities are messed up. So get out there and protest, and don't stop until the Koch brothers are bankrupt, Trump's name is removed from the towers, and former coal miners, loggers, truckers, factory workers, and other red-necks are installing solar panels, building hydroponics, riding bicycles, and restoring wetlands.

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